Moncton, New Brunswick Commercial Real Estate Guide

Larry Estabrooks - Licensed Independent Agent, REALTOR®

Contemplating buying or leasing a commercial property in the greater Moncton area?

Or maybe you're looking for a residential income property?

Let's begin with a business like approach to representation in real estate. If a property is listed with a real estate licensee, you may consider contacting the seller's or landlord's representative . And if not listed you might decide to contact the owner directly. But who will represent your best business interests? Surely none of the above. When you engage my services as an independent licensed Agent, I will represent your best interests as a buyer's agent or lessee's agent.

The secret of making the right deal at the right price is having the undivided loyalty of your very own Agent, whose duty is to represent you and is 100% on your side.

You're invited to learn about my credentials and professional services as an independent Agent for you, the Buyer or Lessee.  Also learn about the advantages of having the undivided loyalty of your own Agent and the perils of the double agents. Did you know that in the majority of cases there is no direct charge to you for my services in representing you, even when the property is not listed with a licensee.

Please, contact me any time to discuss commercial agency representation.

Larry Estabrooks, Licensed Independent Commercial Real Estate Agent  Atlantic Commercial Council member

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